We all have the habit of storing our passwords on our web browser for different sites. It does help you to get to the sites quickly. But it has some security risks associated with the ease of use. The security risk is actually due to the way browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox stores your password. They keep your password stored as plain text in the browser in advanced settings. You can go to the browser and check for all the stored password easily with the sites stored in your browser.

To check for your passwords you can go to your browser and head over to the advanced setting options. I will take the example of Google Chrome here, but most of the browsers act almost the same.

Click on the settings tab and scroll down to the advanced setting options. Scroll down to find Password and forms, open manage passwords to see all the stored passwords. Find the website you want to see the password and click on the eye button to reveal the password. Anyone who has access to your windows login password can easily access your passwords.

keep your passwords safeIt is advisable to use a password manager tool like LastPass to keep the passwords safe and secure. Tools like LastPass helps to organize your passwords effectively without storing on the browsers. You can set a long master password to use for all the websites without remembering separate passwords. These kinds of tools work on your PC or computer and are not cloud-based.

LastPass is a free tool for you to manage your passwords effectively without worrying about browser security. LastPass will also help you import all the passwords from any browser. It also shows vulnerable passwords and suggests a strong password for you to update the vulnerable passwords.

Additionally, for more security, you can turn off the password storing option from your browser. You can head over to the settings or simply click does not save when you are prompted to save a password for a site on the browser.

These simple steps will ensure your passwords are safe and not accessible to anyone except you. Your safety is in your hands and you must choose the best policies to keep yourself safe on the web.



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