With data leaks all around the news headlines across the web, it is obvious to be scared of our private texts getting leaked or falling into wrong hands. But the trick to safety is just in front of you, you just need to be aware and take the necessary measures. Facebook and WhatsApp both are among the top used messaging apps across the globe. We share hundreds if not thousands of texts every day. Many of the texts contain private information that is intended only for the person we are sending the text to. We never want the information to fall into hands unintended or get leaked.

Safety on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

facebookWhatsApp, as well as Facebook Messenger, has installed the layer of security necessary for keeping the private texts secured. Encryption is the term we come across a lot dealing with security and data. Encryption essentially means storing the data in a form that can be understood only by a particular code. Without getting too technical here, it means the texts that are sent are not stored in the original form. This prevents anyone trying to read the data from understanding what is actually written in the texts. Example: Hello can be encrypted using a code like @=H, #=E, L=*, O=&; making Hello stored @#**&. This code is unique and can only be understood by the one having the details.

Now a question can arise in your mind, how can I encrypt my texts as a normal user?

whatsappIts very simple and can be done with few clicks. Encryption is handled by the servers of these messaging giants. You are just required to enable them in your app, which is done automatically when you sign up for the app. WhatsApp allows you to encrypt every text end-to-end. This can be seen with a lock that appears when you text.

For the facebook messenger, you can use the private chat feature. This provides the same feature as WhatsApp encrypted text. every text you send is encrypted and only read by the person intended for.

We highly recommend you to use these features on these popular messaging platform to keep your private chats and information safe.


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